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First Build Completed!

On 12th August 2021, our founding team had finished their first build of the GoBabyGo ride-on cars. Our first build was focused on the electrical component of the car. We started by removing the acceleration pedal from the ride-on cars we bought from Toys R Us. We then rewired all the wires to fit the hand-activated accelerator (big red button). We did this modification to allow the children with poor motor skills easier access and control over the acceleration of the car.

Indeed, we had our problems along the way, including wires not being long enough, terminals not being secured, and wires not being mounted neatly. However, after 4 hours of drilling, soldering, connecting, and reconnecting wires, our first version of the ride-on toy car was made!

The next step is to reconfigure the seating of the seat, implement more stability through seatbelts, and provide structural support for the children 😊

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